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A nightmare

Please fix this agent... We cant enroll our device... Did you even test it

Title truncated

The title of the app is no longer agent mdm Airwatch but just Agent. I have an iPhone 6.

Doesnt work properly

The application doesnt work properly despite several trial. I have even completely reset my iphone 7 without adding any applications to see if that was the reason, it did worked out for a couples of hours and then all stopped...dear applications engineers work out something "workable" at international your application "fail miserably"... Fabio from UAE


Good tool

Not working on ios 9.1 - version 5.0.3

After update to the new version 5.0.3 from nov-3rd is not working with iOS 9.1. Does not sync email in Exchange account!

It works

It crashes only if you dont put the right URL or tried to configure it after having it enrolled in AirWatch Portal. I agree that its still a bug from my point of view but when installed correctly it works fine.

iPhone 5 ???

Its already 2013 now. Wheres the iPhone 5 version ?!

Oh my god

Wont let me past the user and pass page

New version crashed with iPhone 4s

I just updated my AirWatch agent and now it crashes upon opening every time. I have iPhone 42 iOS version 6.1.3. I recommended not updating if you are in similar circumstance.




This app makes you wait, and then like others have said, it will not go pass the enrollment URL. The developers have successfully created an utterly useless app. Negative 5 stars.


Having trouble with this app on iOS 8.

Does what it is supposed to

Saw another person complain and this is the same old Airwatch as before. There is no user experience change because it is not that type of app. The only time people should open the app is during the first install or when their IT has a problem and both of those are fine. There is also no spyware and my iPhone 5 runs fine and gets my mail which is all the app is supposed to enable.

Not good

Its slow down every thing...!

not reliable

This thing is not reliable if you need your emails in a timely manner. For some reasons, once my iPad is locked for a certain period, it seems to go to sleep and my emails end up being delayed. Actually I dont even seem to receive emails from work when its locked... Even though it works with all my personal emails.


Yep, just your average app that allows the third party to look at pretty much everything in your phone/device. Feel free to download this if your alright with people looking at all your private information.


I thought Good was bad until this was forced on me. AirWatch is a tool that allows admins to strip the smart out of smartphones and intrusively monitor user activity. My corporate phone now spends most of its time powered off at the back of the drawer.

Corporate spyware

The new app finally has a modern look. But the app itself is corporate spyware that enables third parties to control and monitor device usage, view personal data and take over device. It is also a drain on battery and data depending on how much the third party wants to take. When you proceed through the setup process, youll receive a warning from Apple detailing the same. The app degrades the performance of my otherwise awesome iphone. Im disappointed that Apple allows these types of apps on the App Store.

Cant uninstall???

I dont know about the device Im using quite yet but when I try uninstalling it from my Samsung galaxy SIII It says its unable to uninstall any of my airwatch applications. The reason I would like to install it I because I had gotten a battery saver app and and this app popped up every time I try to clear app that are draining battery. Afterwards i tried other battery apps to see if it was just that one but no. it doesnt matter if Im on my own wifi, no wifi, or the schools itll still drain. Dont install unless you want draining battery, waisted phone storage, and a useless app that can stay there forever.

Non-optional Company Software Tracker

Truth of the matter is that regardless of this apps rating, your company IT department will force a download in order to BYOD onto their network.

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